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About me

As you can see, I occasionally work on translations of older poetry in my spare time, and whenever I run out of inspiration or rhyme, I try to learn 'web dev' instead. This page is the direct result of no spare time at all ...


I teach British Literature at Greifswald University: old, new, and in-between, poems, plays, novels and short stories, adult, young adult, and children's fiction.

I am going to publish more translations here, just for the fun of it. I try to stay close to the orginial, but as I decided to keep the meter and the rhyme scheme of the original poem, this often means compromising on the exact wording or switiching lines. Trying to jam polysyllabic German into iambic pentameter lines requires a fair amount of omissions as well.

Feel free to use these translations for teaching purposes (make them better!) or other non-commercial ideas.
The original poems can usually be found online, see the links page if you want to make direct comparisons.