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About me

I've always loved writing, but I usually enjoyed it 'from the other side', i.e. through the lense of literary criticism:
During the nineties, I studied English, History and Philosophy at the University of Münster, and I did my PhD there on Frances Burney and the Female Bildungsroman in the early 2000s. Next, I worked at the University of Greifswald, teaching British Literature there from 2005-2020. Currently, I'm doing freelance work as an editor of the KLfG.

As you can see, I occasionally work on translations of older poetry in my spare time, and whenever I run out of inspiration or rhyme, I learn 'web dev' instead. This page is the direct result of no spare time at all...

I am going to publish more translations here, just for the fun of it. Feel free to use these translations for teaching purposes or other non-commercial ideas. The original poems are usually online, but I am going to compile a list of links and a bibliography soon!